Abzco Engineering and Engineering Co. is proud to have been with clients since the beginning of the establishment of growing farms as consultant and supervisor of projects, and after having completed all construction and equipment systems after the completion of the project for several consecutive years, the services of consultants and specialists and The officials of the technical department of ABZYCO Company are always in the process of production and they always accompany investors.
ABZYCO Company has been conducting training courses related to the management of modern systems and training of specialist staff to promote the aquaculture industry in Iran.
Part of ABZYCO’s obligations is the provision of eggs, larvae and baby fish, and the provision of all medical and nutritional needs to improve the production process, cooperation and participation for marketing and technical support.

Loyal customers

A wide range of customers and the establishment of a link between fishermen’s activities is one of the advantages of the Abzyco Company, which makes the company’s customers able to benefit from this great network.


Providing training services to transfer aquaculture knowledge is one of the needs of aquaculturists that Abzyco company continuously transfers the knowledge in this regard. Broad spectrum of customers and communication among activists of aquaculture area is one of the preferences of Abzyco company that causes customers to enjoy this great network.

Zero to hundred of aquaculture

Since, Abzyco services includes all of steps of production such as elaboration, advising, administration and supports, customers can receive their needs from Abzyco company.

Reduction of administrative costs

Using Abzyco services causes to reduce final costs of farmers due to applying new technologies of the world and administrative experiences.

Professional team

Professional team
Abzyco company uses a professional team of relevant specialists in designing, advising and administration of aquaculture sites.

The honor of the Abzyco Company is that it can help the families with the sustainable employment of the aquaculture industry through the development of the aquaculture industry and by providing operational solutions, it will make it possible to generate income and create value through aquaculture solutions with the least facilities.

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    مشورت رایگان با آبزیکو

    شرکت آبزیکو در سال ۱۳۹۲ با هدف توسعه آبزی پروری، بهینه سازی و ورود تکنولوژی به این صنعت، کار خود را آغاز نمود. از این رو با برنامه ریزی های انجام شده و جهت ایجاد ارتباط با فعالان این حوزه در بخش توزیع و تامین خوراک با کیفیت، کار خود را آغاز نموده و سپس در جهت رفع مشکلات تولید در مزارع قدمهای علمی و عملی برداشت و همچنین با کمک تجربیات و علوم نوین طراحی، نظارت، ساخت و تجهیز مزارع جدید تاسیس را آغاز کرد و در روند کار و جهت رفع موانع، مشکلات و کاهش هزینه های تولید تلاش های بسیاری صورت گرفت تا برخی از مشکلات صنعت آبزی پروری کشور همچون تکثیر، تغذیه، آب و … کاهش یابند.

    آدرس: رشت خ امام، بین مصلی و منظریه، نبش خیابان پاستور، ساختمان بانک توسعه صادرات، طبقه ۴ واحد ۱۱

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